Education Partners


University Partnerships Are Vital to the Future of Blockchain’s Success

In addition to private sector alliances, CounterPointe Ventures aims to strengthen the best talent, drive innovation, and build the community culture of blockchain through university and student group partnerships.

Collaboration is vital to further blockchain’s future in a way that complements and reinforces CounterPointe Ventures’ mission to change the world through blockchain.

Why Partner With Counterpointe Ventures?

In addition to sponsorship backing, CounterPointe Ventures provides educational opportunities to program participants, as well as business guidance to help create a thriving workforce.

Our process is direct, transparent, and fully engaged with our leadership partners to bring together our blockchain expertise, global support network, and robust technological understanding.


Benefits of the Partnership

  • Additional sponsorship opportunities
  • Technology feedback and guidance
  • Social events (Pitch days, deal days, & hackathons)
  • Opportunity to solve complex problems
  • Strategic partnership support
  • Opportunity for new research
  • Opportunity to partner with other blockchain companies
  • Mentorship programs available
  • Long lasting partnerships
  • Experience to get into a newly founded markets

University Partnerships

We have developed successful strategic partnerships with Blockchain at Berkeley and Harvard Undergraduate Blockchain Group (HUBG) with the goal of pioneering blockchain innovation with new business solutions to industries in need of a paradigm shift.

Blockchain at Berkeley HUBG


Benefits for Universities

  • Program Sponsorship
  • Blockchain Industry Guidance
  • Curriculum Support & Guest Lectures
  • Educational Panels

Benefits for Students

  • Entrepreneurial & Leadership Support
  • Research Collaboration
  • Educational Support
  • Networking Community
  • Strong Job Placement Opportunities

Partner with CounterPointe Ventures