Reflective Ventures Has a New Name

Since Reflective Venture Partners (RVP) launched in January, 2018 we have witnessed rapidly developing blockchain investment theses, tribalism between protocols, and regulatory uncertainty — all of which have fueled speculation, mania, and most recently, a market downturn in cryptocurrency prices. Investing in leading edge technology has always been turbulent and blockchain technology has proved to be no exception. Despite what has been a challenging year for blockchain technology projects, we’ve invested over $21M into 21 companies, each of which we believe has the capacity for disruption within their respective market.

Over the last 15 months our views on technology and blockchain related investments have evolved and our desire to remain at the forefront of the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution has been fortified. In order to continue on our path, we’ve adopted a new name and, more importantly, a new and expanded approach to investing. Simply put, we are moving beyond partnering with a single Layer I protocol and will now be actively examining a broader scope of technology investments that (i) leverage the disruptive qualities of blockchain (i.e.,  transparency, security, tokenization, integrity, divisibility, fast settlement, and accessibility) (ii)  align with various other emerging technologies (internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous agents, etc.) and (iii) will reshape conventional value transfer systems.

As we move forward with this revised outlook and direction, our new name, CounterPointe Ventures, embodies the idea of deconstructing and, when necessary, challenging the status quo while simultaneously navigating the macro trends spawning our new data-driven economy.

Though we’ll have a new name and look, rest assured that we’ll have the same team of experts, the same range of legal, marketing, and financial services, and the same professional diligence that we’ve always been proud to offer our partners.

Finally, CounterPointe Ventures will continue to support the investments within the RVP portfolio (RVP will now become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CounterPointe Ventures) as well as invest in decentralized, tokenized business opportunities and networks that are solving unique industry-specific problems through the use of disruptive technology. We look forward to our continued collaboration with innovators, entrepreneurs and capital partners seeking to build, invest, and evangelize during what we expect will be one of the largest technological shifts of our time.

For any questions, or to request information about participating in our journey as a limited partner, please feel free to e-mail us at

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