Seattle Deal Day Event Recap

In a continued effort to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, Reflective Ventures held their first Deal Day on July 27, 2018, at the companies new Pioneer Square office space in Seattle, Washington.

Six innovative dApp startups were narrowed down from a pool of 20 applicants and chosen to present a seven-minute open pitch followed by a three minute Q&A.

The standing room only event attracted a crowd of over 140 investors, industry leaders, and developers. Also present for the event were representatives from student-run blockchain initiatives at Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and the University of Washington.

The prize was 50,000 RHOC with scoring based on applicability to the RChain platform, blockchain usage, clarity of concept, scalability, go-to-market strategy and other factors. The judges were a  panel of blockchain professionals: Greg Meredith president and founder of RChain; COO of New Alchemy Gwen Sheridan; Alex Ortiz of Life ID; RChain Director of ecosystem operations Deanna Duke; Tom Lindeman of Consensys and Kevin Valentine of Reflective Ventures.

deal day recap

deal day recap

Below is a quick summary of each presentation:

Concreit: Commercial Real Estate investment marketplace to buy sell and trade fractional real estate assets.

Longman Suntech Energy: A system of decentralized distributed solar microgrids that allows individuals and communities to set prices, save on infrastructure and reduce energy loss associated with long transmission lines.

Paramation: An OS for blockchain that resolves security issues inherent in mixing centralized architecture with decentralized applications.

Rumble Monkey: A platform that allows Esports gamers to play head-to-head for real money with an easy to use and secure interface.

YuMatch: A decentralized Healthcare AI ecosystem of shared medical data that uses knowledge workers to generate revenue through curation, data, subscriptions, and royalties.

Smart Tix: A blockchain based ticketing protocol that uses smart contracts to address problems with fraud, high fees and fairness for digitally issued event tickets.

While the judges moved to a different room to decide on the winner, a special presentation was given by Inkrypt, the latest company to be added to Reflective’s portfolio. After a quick introduction of their hosting solution for decentralized internet architecture, they demoed their first product, nLightn, which is a publishing platform that combines anonymization and distributed storage to circumvent censorship.

deal day recap

After deliberation, the judges sat up front and provided a short critique of constructive feedback for each pitch presentation. Rumble Monkey took home the $50,000 RHOC prize with Smart Tix noted as a close second. Complete with refreshments, a social hour followed the event to allow the audience and presenters to mingle and engage in more in-depth conversations.

The highly successful and inadvertently educational, Deal Day provided a rare (and much needed) glimpse into the real world of blockchain applications. Everyone who attended or watched remotely is already among the vanguard in disruptive technologies that are shaping our future into a decidedly more transparent and inclusive place.  

deal day recap

Other portfolio companies and partner groups in attendance included: Veriledger, Xpansiv, Rubica, HelloFriend, Tesloop, Translo, RE-Sure, MyShare, HUBG, Blockchain at Berkeley.

View a full recording of the event here.

This event is only the first of many as Reflective plans to take Deal Day on the road to reach the international community of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers who wish to engage with the RChain platform, collaborate with the blockchain community and gain exposure.

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