Surrounding Tech Start-ups setting their sights on the $50,000 (RHOC) prize

Reflective Ventures will be hosting Seattle Deal Day on July 27th, 2018 at its new office in Pioneer Square, Seattle. The event is intended to bring regional leaders within the emerging blockchain space to collaborate and partner visionaries with innovators. RVP’s managing partner Greg Heuss spoke recently of the event, “We are bringing in six very dynamic companies and we are also featuring one from RVP that we have recently made an investment with. The true core of what we are doing is to be able to package this up and take this anywhere around the country or the world for that matter.”

Deal Day’s panel presents a diverse array of national Blockchain experts that includes Greg Meredith and Deanna Duke of RChain, Alex Ortiz of LifeID, Gwen Sheridan of New Alchemy, Tom Lindeman of ConsenSys, and Kevin Valentine of Reflective Ventures. The prize for the event will be $50,000 worth of RHOC granted to the best presenting company.

Boston Based Tech Startup Inkrypt Grabs The Presenting Partner Spotlight

The Inkrypt team is focusing their efforts on creating a decentralized censorship-resistant platform allowing for open and free journalism. Their efforts are focused on making “journalism truly free” by pushing to provide a censorship-free and transparent back-end solution for content hosting and delivery.

Universities Attending

Universities with profound reputations for innovation and education are expected at the event. Among them, are students and representatives from Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As the trend steers towards a new era of technology and crypto economics, students from all over the country are lining the walls of college classrooms to learn, experiment and forge revolutionary advances in blockchain. Deal Day 2018 seeks to organize these revolutionaries.


The event will be held at 316 2nd Ave. South, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98104.

To RSVP or Apply for this event please visit here:

Livestream with us on July 27th:


Deal Day Presenters Include:


Discover their vision


Discover their vision


Discover their vision

Longman Suntech

Discover their vision


Discover their vision


Discover their vision


Deal Day Judges Include:

Alex Ortiz with LifeID

Connect with Alex

Deanna Duke with RChain

Connect with Deanna

Greg Meredith with RChain

Connect with Greg

Gwen Sheridan with New Alchemy

Connect with Gwen

Tom Lindeman with ConsenSys

Connect with Tom

Kevin Valentine with Reflective Ventures

Connect with Kevin


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