Reflective Ventures & Hellofriend Announce Partnership at Blockchain World Conference

The First Global Blockchain Event was 3 Days of Exploring the Most Cutting-Edge Concepts Currently Surrounding the Blockchain Technology Space.

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey, July 18th, 2018- Reflective Ventures and Hellofriend announced their partnership at the Blockchain World Conference, Blockchain’s very first global event, last week.

Reflective Ventures is a venture capital fund that is committed to investing exclusively in blockchain technologies and innovative dApps. Hellofriend is a Harvard-founded decentralized social networking platform for people to buy and sell social experiences around the globe.   The platform aims to tackle the problem of social isolation by connecting people in real-life.

“We are now seeing a lot of the challenges and pitfalls of centralized social media platforms,” said Reflective Ventures managing partner, Greg Heuss. “Social media is one of the holy grails of blockchain, and we believe Hellofriend has the right team and solution for this challenge.”

Reflective Ventures, intrigued by Hellofriend’s primary goal of addressing the weaknesses in the current social networking model, has offered a seed round investment to Hellofriend.

“Reflective Ventures shares our vision to restructure the social networking space and to move the use of blockchain technology into mainstream applications,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Hellofriend, Salman Habib.

Hellofriend is affiliated with the Harvard Innovation Lab and is part of their Venture Incubation Program.

Reflective Venture Partners will be hosting a comparable program of their own later this month on July 27th. Seattle Deal Day will aim to help innovative blockchain and dApps startups get exposure to blockchain industry leaders and potentially receive the grand prize of $50,000 in RHOC funding.

About Reflective Venture Partners: Reflective Venture Partners a privately held and operated investment fund based in Seattle with satellite offices throughout the United States. They are committed to funding, incubating, and ultimately building the next generation of blockchain technologies and innovative dApps.

Reflective Ventures was born from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative, a third generation blockchain platform.

Learn more about Reflective Venture Partners on their website.

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