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Emerging Blockchain Giant To Hold Funding Event

SEATTLE DEAL DAY 2018: Reflective Ventures to hold a ‘Deal Day’ event in Seattle, WA this month on Friday, July 27th. The firm is opening the doors for community members, startups, investors, innovators and app developers to present their ideas to a panel of vested local blockchain professionals. Reflective Ventures Managing Partner, Greg Heuss spoke recently of their upcoming deal day: “We’ve seen what has happened to the Seattle metro area, we know what is here and the capabilities of the workforce and ecosystem. In our opinion, there is no better tech-focused work- and lifestyle-balanced city than Seattle.” Reflective Ventures is currently scouting the sector to uncover startups and industry innovators alike, to provide potential funding, networking opportunities and regional notoriety to extensively grow their businesses within the expanding open-source Blockchain platform.

RChain panel is offering a prize of $50,000 (in RHOC) to the best presenter at the event.

“The way we are engaging with the community and the opportunity for any Blockchain company to apply, and for them to be a part of this caliber of an event – for free, no less, is not something you run across often,” said Heuss.

This move is driven by the mission of the Reflective Venture Partners and the RChain Co-op alliance incepted in 2016,  to drive funding and resources towards the Blockchain revolution. In addition, the leaders of this panel of judges are seeking to provide a handful of presenters with guidance into the progressive and decentralized network that makes up the Blockchain ecosystem.

In the era of unstable centralized networks and cybercrime, Blockchain offers benefits that can sustain its relevance and economic benefits for generations to come. Deal Day will be the first of its kind, as it aims to help expand the horizon of Blockchain technology on the West Coast. If you are a startup, or an investor, in the space and interested in attending this event, you can fill out the official form by visiting


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